Interactive Cadaveric Dissection

Presented By: Claudia Senesac PT, Ph.D., PCS
Cost: $69.00 per student
Course Description
This on-line course provides full semester access to all anatomy dissection videos and the Interactive Cadaveric Dissection Guide. This On-Line interactive dissectors' course is designed to provide comprehensive instructional detail for students pursuing higher education in professional health related programs.

Step-by-step guide is combined with instructional video clips,

Videos demonstrate techniques for proper dissection, enhancing the students success in the course and comprehension of information.

Video clips accurately portray the blade-angles for specific incisions more specifically than written texts, enhancing students' in-class performance and understanding of human cadaveric dissection.

Video clips of regional dissection are divided into chapters that easily follow the step- by-step text, mproving ease of utilizing both written and video formats.
Learning Outcomes
1. Define the anatomical and biomechanical terminology and use the terminology appropriately when discussing anatomical content in the classroom and in the laboratory.
2. Identify and locate the points of osteology as referred to in the dissectors guide.
3. Discuss the joints of the body including classification and type, structures (ligaments and other) involved and their functions, and motions occurring at the joint.
4. Discuss the plexi indicating trunks, divisions, and cords from which each nerve emerges and give cord segments.
5. Trace the course of each peripheral nerve finding branches to each muscle innervated and the cutaneous branches. Indicate the area of cutaneous innervation for each cutaneous nerve in the body per region.
6. Describe, identify and locate muscle attachments, nerve supply, and primary actions of muscles in the body per region.
7. Describe, identify and locate major arterial and venous structures in the body per region.
8. Describe, identify and locate the organs in the body per region.
9. Discuss the relationship of structures in the body to one another: (arteries/veins/nerves/muscle layers/compartments/regions).