The Treatment of Adult Hemiplegia (Comprehensive Course)

Presented By: Isabelle M. Bohman, M.S., P.T.
Cost: $96.00 per student
Course Description
This course in adult hemiplegia offers over 17 hours of video lecture, demonstration, and patient treatment. An extraordinary resource for university students to enhance their clinical effectiveness in their fieldwork, as well as preparing them to be more effective clinicians. Extensive video, discussion, and demonstration of handling skills are presented. Numerous variations of handling skill facilitation and patient treatment demonstrations are included. Mobilization techniques to gain more range in the trunk and extremities, and facilitation techniques for improving sitting, standing, arm and hand function, and walking.are discussed and demonstrated. Practice exams for a more complete learning experience are included.
Learning Outcomes
1. List the basic concepts of physical handling
2. List the normal movement components of sitting and standing.
3. Identify ways to analyze postural components.
4. Observe ways to facilitate dynamic sitting, standing, and walking
5. Observe treatment problem solving and application.
6. Identify the movement components of bed mobility