Mobilization for the Neurologically Involved Child

Presented By: Sandy Brooks-Scott, M.S., PPT, PCS
Cost: $45.00 per student
Course Description
Mobilization for the neurologically involved child presents two basic concepts. Proper mobilization can improve mobility and proper assessment of each joint’s contributions to mobility is the only way to achieve proper mobilization. No longer can there be an assumption that neurological damage exclusively causes motor deficit, but that immobility contributes and causes significant motor deficits.On-Line text and lecture designed to provide comprehensive instructional detail for students pursuing higher education in professional health related programs. Course text provides a comprehensive guide to theory and application combined with video lecture and demonstration. of techniques.
Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the theoretical basis for the use of joint mobilization.
2. List the contraindications of joint mobilization.
3. List the factors in assessment of joint play and joint range.
4. Identify the relevant anatomy of each major joint.
5. Observe and describe basic mobilization techniques through demonstration.