Pediatric Seating and Mobility

Presented By: Jean Anne Zollars, PT, DPT, MA; Rose Vallejo, PT, ATP
Cost: $45.00 per student
Course Description
This course ia geared toward learning the child’s individual needs for seating/mobility and understanding what the child requires for their postural and functional needs. Empahsis is placed on problem-solving the child's postural needs for mobility and function in seating. Physical hands-on determination of pressure areas and the flexibility of the child's pelvis, trunk, and spine in sitting and supine are demonstrated. Variations in postural supports are identified and discussed. Practice exam included for a complete learning experience
Learning Outcomes
1. Identify five benefits of seating/mobility.
2. Identify assessment parameters for the child's functional needs for seating/mobility.
3. Describe the pressure assessment using the "wiggle test."
4. Describe the procedure for assessing the child's posture & function in his/her present seating/mobility system.
5. Describe the basic measurements required for measuring a person (with basic needs) for a wheelchair.
6. Describe the mat assessment for a child in supine/sitting, including: range of motion needed for seating in supine/sitting, balance & postural control in sitting, effect of gravity in sitting, hand simulation.
7. Identify concepts of postural supports for specific postural needs of the child.