SV20: Early Baby Treatment 1
Presented By: Mary B. Quinton, M.C.S.P., MBE

4 Contact Hours - 0.40 CEUs - 5.00 PDUs
$100.00 per person
Course Description
This CEU program consists of 4 streaming videos and 3 PDF Viewing Guides. The information in this program is included in the longer seminar SEM27. Applicable to the birth to three population.

MQ1 Treatment Tools For Changing Tone and Movement Patterns (74 min.)

Presented by Mary B. Quinton, M.C.S.P., MBE. In this video, Mary B. Quinton discusses and demonstrates physical handling treatment tools for dissociation, pressure tapping and traction. She demonstrates how these tools are used to change tone and improve movement patterns in supine, side lying, prone, prone to sit, and sitting in a sequential process that prepares more normal sensori-motor development in babies with abnormal symptoms. Activities are demonstrated on a doll for clarity.

MQ2 The Importance of Midlines in Development (28 min.)

Presented by Mary B. Quinton, M.C.S.P., MBE. In this video, Mary B. Quinton describes her concept of midlines and their influence on development. The organization of midlines in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal planes of movement, are clearly demonstrated with emphasis on their importance for emerging righting reactions. Emergence of midline organization and righting reactions in the young infant is theorized to inhibit the development of compensatory and abnormal patterns of movement. Activities are demonstrated on a doll for clarity.

MQ64 Facilitating Righting Reactions and Competition of Patterns (34 min.)

Presented by Mary B. Quinton, M.C.S.P., MBE. This video demonstrates and describes treatment procedures that elicit and facilitate righting reactions that integrate the baby's movement patterns. Facilitating reactions over a roll and a therapy ball are demonstrated. Activities are demonstrated on a doll for clarity. The concept of competition of patterns as coined by Milani -Comparetti and how it can be applied to understanding normal and atypical development is discussed.

MQTX1Treatment Demonstration 4 ½ Month Old (42 min.)

Presented by Mary B. Quinton, M.C.S.P., MBE. This video shows a treatment demonstration of baby treatment techniques with a 4 1/2 month old infant.

Handouts are included in PDF File Format.
Learning Outcomes
1. Define the terms dissociation, pressure tapping, and traction.
2. Describe how these techniques are used to develop sequential movement patterns.
3. Describe the concept of multiple midlines.
4. Describe the organization of vertical, horizontal and diagonal midlines.
5. Describe how righting reactions integrate developmental movement patterns.
6. Describe the concept of competition of patterns.
7. Describe early intervention treatment concepts as used with the infant on the video.
Seminar Level
Level I Introductory/no prerequisites required.
AOTA Domain of OT Category 1, Texas CE Type 2, NBCOT PDUs, approved by the New York PT Board, California PT Board and the Illinois PT Board. For other State PT Board approvals click on CEU Course Approvals on the CEU Course Listing Page.
High Speed Internet Connection Required. Wireless connections may not be consistently fast enough to watch long video files. You may need to have your computer connected directly to your high speed modem via an internet cable.
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Occupational, speech, shysical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and other rehabilitation specialists. For special needs requests please contact us by phone or email. Phone 575-526-0012. Fax 575-526-0014.
CEU Approvals/Clinical Enhancement
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