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All Articles are Level I Introductory/no prerequisites required. Target audience: Occupational, physical, speech therapists, certified athletic trainers, and other rehabilitation specialists. For special needs requests please contact us by phone or email. contactus@clinicians-view.com Phone 575-526-0012. Fax 575-526-0014.

ARTICLE001Sensory Aspects of Neurodevelopmental DisordersSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE002Functional Vision and Its Impact on Learning and Motor OrganizationSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE003A Neuropostural Approach to the Organization of Somatic and Vestibular Proprioception in Children with Learning DisabilitiesSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE004Use of Rotary Prisms as a Modality During Physical HandlingSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE005The Concept of Forced Use as an Element of Therapy HandlingSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE006Visual-Postural Characteristics of Children with Disorganized Motor ControlSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE007Introduction to the Craniosacral System and Neuromotor DysfunctionSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE008Effects of Upper Extremity Mobilization Techniques on Fine-Motor Performance in Children with Neuromotor DisordersSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE009Improving Performance in Adults with Cerebral Palsy: A Long Distance Consultation ModelSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE010Issues in Cerebral Palsy Part 1: Physical Handling AssessmentSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE011Issues in Cerebral Palsy Part 2: Physical Handling TreatmentSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE012Issues in Cerebral Palsy Part 3: Physical Handling and Positioning to Promote Functional SkillsSpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
ARTICLE013The Influence of Postural Control on Functional Vision EfficiencySpeakers\HoursRead ArticleTake CEU Exam
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