Hand Function and Handwriting

Presented By: Mary Benbow, M.S., OTR
Cost: $45.00 per student
Course Description
This course presents Mary Benbow's Neurokinesthetic Approach to Hand Function and Handwriting. Content includes anatomy of the wrist, palm. digits, thiumb and anatomical balancing mechanisms. Analysis of dysfunctional hand grips and how to progress to efficient grips are discussed. Assessment of hand skills, developmental hand activties, assessment of cursive writing skills and how to teach the Neurokinesthetic Approach to Handwriting are demonstrated.
Learning Outcomes
1. List the basic anatomical aspects of the hand and their related functions.
2. Describe the basic kinesiology of the movement of the hand.
3. List the skills of developmental hand function.
4. List the developmental activities that address hand skills.
5. t the fundamental principles of the neurokinesthetic approach to handwriting.